1. Your pricing seems like a fraud.
    somewhere you say $3.99/m, on your website is has $9.99/m when I click on that I get USD 10.89 (inc. GST) Then USD 10.89/3 months.

    Who will trust this?

    1. We are saying $3.99/month and our price is that. So $9.99/ 3Months.
      You paid 10.89 because:
      3.99 x 3 Months = 9.99
      0.90 Tax of your country (The tax rate is different for each country, and you can see the total balance before click the PAY Button.)

    2. I bought the subscription, it works 100% – no problems. I also paid tax which is normal on any purchase.

  2. Hello I made the payment and until today my profile has not become premium, how can I solve this problem?

    1. its activated already. There is not a plugin that auto approving between our membership plugin and paddle.com (we will produce ourself soon). so we have to check payment and upgrade manually for now.

  3. the pricing here is clear except that some user just dont read in details and formed the wrong conclusion. However doubtful, just ask for clarification and it’s not nice to accuse of being a fraud. Have patience and just ask or request politely.
    We are here for some good resources and the membership fee is still worth it however you look at it. Even the free resources are worth more.

  4. Why is it confusing,, the price before is $9 for 3 months, now $9 for month and then there is a restriction not to download softwares,,, I hope you get sued.. you greedy motherfucker! reported…

    1. We are greedy?
      We are paying for the salaries, servers, scripts, themes with the other members payments. and you want them for free? or you want to have 4600 goodies for $3 per month?
      Tell me please, Which of us greedy?

  5. I downloaded a resource successfully today, and then I was reminded that I had run out of downloads

  6. Hi,
    I am unable to download the above software. Please do the needful. I am a PRO member. Still this is asking me to upgrade.

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