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February 25, 2021 - version 2.7.2
New: Redis support for unix sockets
New: Select database for Redis integration
New: Add support for WOFF2 fonts in Browser Caching module
New: Support for LiteSpeed server in Browser Caching module
New: Clear Cloudflare cache from admin bar
Enhance: Asset Optimization notifications
Enhance: Asset Optimization support for RTL assets
Enhance: Integration with Varnish cache
Fix: Asset Optimization combining assets on Basic mode
Fix: Asset Optimization not being able to inline remote assets in rare cases
Fix: Asset Optimization duplicating inline scripts during processing
Fix: Asset Optimization improve handling of core WordPress scripts
Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Oxygen builder
Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Bimber theme
Fix: Browser Caching module overwriting individual expiry values
Fix: High contrast icons in Asset Optimization module
Fix: 500 server error when clearing Varnish cache from the dashboard
Fix: Tabs navigation on mobile devices

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