Last Updated on 07/04/2021 by kaptan

Schema Pro

Version 2.5.0
25 Mar 2021

Custom schema markup on post or page. (Article)

Ajax-based schema type required field validation.
Added Geolocation fields in the Local Business Schema.

Fixed tab index issue in the FAQ block schema.
Fixed undefined index notice issue in the review schema.
‘unstableOnSplit’ property warning issue in the How-to schema.
‘onnRemove’ Unknown event handler property warning in the how-to schema.
Fixed the border issue on the setup wizard.

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Creating a schema markup is no longer a task! With a simple click and select interface you can set up a markup in minutes. All the markup configurations you will set are automatically applied to all selected pages & posts.

EYE CATCHING RESULTS: Additional information like reviews, ratings, time, etc. will make your snippet stand out from the rest.