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Automate actions in your WP ERP system with this advanced add-on. Save time and reduce the margin of error.

In this documentation, we will discuss-

  • Basic idea of Workflow within WP ERP
  • Trigger Modules
  • Events based on different WP ERP modules
  • Actions based on different conditions
  • Creating & activating New Workflow
  • Managing Created Workflows
  • Managing the Status of Workflows

What is Workflow?

It is an automated system to trigger actions based on many different events within your ERP system. Workflow is fully compatible with all the modules of WP ERP and it can save your time and also reduce margin errors in many cases.

Workflow basically helps you to create triggers or tasks based on different events. This means you can set different activity or task based on conditions or events. For example, you want to send a welcome email to your newly subscribed user. You can easily create a workflow based on these conditions. The workflow will trigger an email when a new user subscribes to your website. You don’t have to manually send emails to your subscribers.

Trigger Modules

Trigger modules specify the WP ERP modules that are being used for Workflow.  The following modules are available for Workflow including all three core modules of WP ERP.

  1. General: This is the common module that specifies all the modules of WP ERP.
  2. CRM: This module applies the CRM module of WP ERP.
  3. IMAP: This module specifies the mailing feature of WP ERP.
  4. HRM: This module specifies the HRM module of WP ERP.
  5. Accounting: This module applies the Accounting module of WP ERP.

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