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Increase sales from loyal customers by introducing a simple Reward Points loyalty program in WooCommerce. Customers can earn points for multiple action like purchases or registration. When they got enough points they can redeem awards for their collected points. Rewards in exchange for loyalty is Neuromarketing proven way to boost your shop. So what you think about? Start creating your own loyal program in Woo with ease now.

Why do you need this?

  1. Increase sales by increasing customer loyalty
  2. Increase your SEO power when customers share your website to gain points
  3. Learn more about your users like who is the most loyal
WooCommerce Reward Points
- NEW:    Current Level shows in Users overview
- NEW:    Move Logout to last position
        Disable that when you use woodmart theme or see 2 logout menu items.
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- NEW: Min & Max spent settings up to 9999999999999999 (support for currencies) - NEW: Added a loading icon to redeem points button - NEW: Improved mobile CSS - FIX: Removed form tag from redemption form and removed submit button type with link in order to support redemption form in checkout review hook - FIX: Revamped the level data system removed points_before & introduced current_level meta key for users - FIX: Default min spent set to 0 - FIX: PHP notice roles not defined