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WooCommerce Composite Products plugin helps you allow customers to compose a product from different components according to their custom requirements. This applies to computers, bicycles, furniture, etc.

You can add selected products, categories, and tags to be selected as components. Use different layouts to show product parts and set base prices for each. You can limit the number of components a customer can select.

WooCommerce Composite Products Sales Page

*** WooCommerce Composite Products ***

2021.05.05 - version 8.1.2
* Fix - Use the correct 'Read more' string from the WooCommerce textdomain.
* Fix - Updated Flatsome integration to correctly handle image lightbox.
* Fix - Toggle the 'Options Pagination' visibility correctly while making configuration changes to a Component.
* Fix - Handle changes to Name Your Price input changes from blank to zero.
* Tweak - Improve appearance of 'Item Grouping > Flat' Bundles in Composites.