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Super Forms Drag & Drop Form Builder Nulled
## Feb 26, 2021 - Version 4.9.710

- **Added:** New option for column element `Align inner elements` which allows you to center, left, right align directly inner elements
- **Added:** New `Retrieve method` called `Current Page or Post terms` for dropdown, radio, checkboxes to retrieve specific taxonomy terms based on the current page/post the form is on
- **Added:** Predefined tags `{post_term_names_****}`, `{post_term_slugs_****}`, `{post_term_ids_****}`. This way you can retrieve specific terms based on taxonomy. For instance to retrieve category names of a  post you could use `{post_term_names_category}`
- **Added:** When `Prevent submitting form when entry title already exists` is enabled there is an extra option called `Also compare against trashed contact entries` which allows you to also check against       possible trashed contact entries
- **Added:** `Calculator Add-on` option to use space for Decimal and Thousand seperator under `Advanced` tab
- **Improved:** Add missing escaped attributes
- **Fix:** JavaScript error when using Google Map in combination with PDF Generator Add-on
- **Fix:** Undo code that would speed up form loading time when using a lot of HTML elements with tags, however this code caused issues when using variable fields. Temporarily disabled / undo the code until we  find a work-around or alternative
- **Fix:** A recent speed improvement in the code caused issues with variable fields that contains more than one {tag} as value. Only the first {tag} would be replaced with a value, skipping any other {tags}.   - **Fix:** Arbitrary File Upload to Remote Code Execution
- **Fix:** When saving contact entry with default title, make sure there is a space between the entry ID and the title

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