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Smart School Android App - Mobile Application for Smart School  
10 February, 2021

Feature Enhancement
Added features for respective modules in Smart School main application 
Bug Fixes
Fixed fine amount issue in fees collection
Fixed document upload message issue in homework
Fixed partial payment display 


Smart School Android App is a simple and intuitive application focused on student/parent can access their school information on mobile. The aim is to not only enhance learning experience of the students, but also enrich the lives of parents so they can monitor their child academic activities.

Smart School Android App is highly customizable that means you can change its logo, primary and secondary colors to change app theme colors, enable disable modules.

Important Note: Smart School android app version 2.0 supports Smart School version 5.2.0 . Smart School android app version 2.0 does not have currently Multiclass and Chat features which will be add soon in coming app update.