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Rey theme is probably one of the most unique items on the WooCommerce market, being fit for Furniture stores, Fashion/Clothing & Apparel stores, Artists or Painters store, and many others. A Jack of all trades for ecommerce business.

Rey is a well crafted WordPress theme, with lots of features, a gorgeous design and a rock solid infrastructure to provide a foundation for your upcoming projects. While it was mainly thought as an ecommerce dedicated theme, this is just a fraction of its powers. So you can safely use it for pretty much any type of website.

Sales Page

23 Apr 2021

Improvement: Added Cart panel “Free Shipping” bar option (eg: );
Improvement: Text element, added option to choose dynamic text;
Improvement: Text element added Read more/less toggle functionality;
Improvement: Product page’s accordions, added ability to add short description;
Improvement: Product grid element, added support to change the category and tags query operator;
Improvement: Ajax filters, added option to allow multiple filters to select any item, not just active siblings;
Fix: Mobile menu off-canvas panel, footer menu broken styling;
Fix: After Rey theme updates, removed button “Activate” ( which was activating the parent theme);
Fix: German Market plugin compatibility improvements;
Fix: Quantity field in Cart panel, accepting larger values than maximum;
Fix: Instalments price sometimes showing huge numbers;
Improvement: Section element, added control to hide for logged-in/out users;
Fix: GTranslate fixes;
Fix: Product page gallery with thumbnails sometimes showing wrong sized zoomed image;
Fix: Product page gallery not loading properly;
Fix: PHP notices when filtering products;
Fix: On-sale page, not showing categories;
Fix: Sale & Stock filters, don’t display if empty results;
Fix: Masonry grid layout in combination with product item slideshows;
Fix: PHP error happening sometimes;
Fix: Hotspots element, using SVG not getting coloured;
Fix: Sometimes filter panel doesn’t have a scrollbar;
Fix: Header Nav element, when having Off-canvas chosen;
Fix: Flying pages script causing issues in Cart page or anytime there’s a “Logout” link somewhere in the page;
Fix: Product page, fixed summary when opening cart jump;
Fix: Nest Cover doesn’t autoplay;
Fix: Tweak for sliders when in Elementor edit mode, to prevent a lag bottleneck;
Fix: Fixed summary, reverted a previous commit;
Fix: Fancy menu in Offcanvas panel overlapping content;
Fix: Checkout shipping methods not showing when having billing first and selling to a single country;
Fix: Sometimes mobile filter panel not being styled;
Fix: Force overlapping of the header over the Split slider;
Fix: Custom results count text not showing properly;
Fix: Loop variation swatches showing 2 images on click;
Fix: Dokan compatibility improvements;
Fix: Accordion tabs in Quickview panel not working;
Fix: Offcanvas lazy loaded through Ajax, added circle loader;
Fix: Quickview not starting thumbs carousel slider;
Fix: Wishlist not showing up when in Catalog mode;
Fix: Filters dropdowns on mobile sometimes not showing up;
Fix: Some cover elements not restarting properly in Elementor edit mode;
Fix: Rev slider element not working properly with deferring JS;
Fix: My Account drop-panel, showing empty sometimes;
Fix: Loop variations, update thumb url on select;
Fix: RTL improvements;
Fix: Ajax variations popup, not showing variations price anymore;
Fix: Product page’s upsells, added option to replicate same settings as Related products;
Fix: Product page gallery, sometimes not refreshing the zoomed image;
Fix: Quickview still running parts, even though it’s disabled;
Fix: Product page gallery with video, thumbnail not showing properly;
Fix: Points and rewards for WooCommerce plugin css tweaks;
Fix: Ajax attributes filters, not being able to select multiple items;
Fix: Elementor 3.2 deprecated notices;