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Theme Version/Tema Sürümü: v1.0
Supported Xenforo Edition/Desteklenen Xenforo Sürümü: v2.2.x

EN: Theme MX is for those looking for modernity in their forums. Besides, it is a sequential free series.

TR: Tema MX forumlarında modernlik arayanlar içindir. Bunun yanı sıra ücretsiz paylaşılan seridir.

Sales Page

Do not use free download websites for your security. We are not providing technical supports. Please unrar/unzip the download files first if you got "stylesheet.css missing" or "invalid plugin" errors. We are not providing licence keys, purchase code, activation code ... Most of products dont need any key and the rest of them nulled, pre-activated. Nulled means "bypassed licence checking system". May some of the products are not nulled. Please send their url to us, we will null them as much as we can... The products on are under GPL Licence. We are not a "free download" website, because quality brings the cost.