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1.4.1 on April 12, 2021
Fixed: Editing the Country/State/Province input of an Address field did not work
Fixed: Fields that weren't editable were removed from the View rather than being disabled
Fixed: Editing a Paragraph Text field did not respect the "allow HTML" View setting

Save tons of time: edit your entries 340% faster

We know the pain of bulk data entry! If you edit entries en masse on a regular basis, you will save mind-numbing hours.

Our customers spend hours editing existing entries, one at a time. Most of the time, they want to update only one field to define a category, add custom labels, or approve a work order. Often, they repeat the process weekly or monthly for hundreds of entries.

Inline Editing is the best way to quickly make changes to Gravity Forms form entries. You don’t need to edit each entry individually. Instead, just change the entry values to what you want, and you’re done—without ever seeing a full Edit Entry form.