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*** Donation For WooCommerce ***
2021-02-16- version 2.1
* ADDED - Edit placeholder text of other input field by using filter - "wc_donation_other_amount_placeholder", $placeholder, $min_amount, $max_amount 
* ADDED - Donation Goals Feature
* ADDED - Added donation post id in parameters of action "wc_donation_before_single_add_donation" & "wc_donation_after_single_add_donation"
* IMPROVEMENT - Donation label can be empty if user donot want to show.
* FIXED - Donation single page layout fixed.
* FIXED - Donation Order Ajax issue.
* FIXED - Gutenberg Block added for campaign shortcode.

reate donation campaigns for your WooCommerce website – Collect charitable donation payments anywhere on your website with Donation for WooCommerce. 

Collecting donations on your WooCommerce website is a great way to raise funds for nonprofits, charities, NGOs, clubs, or any other causes. Contrary to popular belief, donation systems are easy to configure and manage, given that you have the right tools and extensions