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Here to take Divi to the next level, Divi Essential brings you everything you will ever need to design branded websites.

Divi Essential is a remarkable Divi plugin bundled with all of the required design tools you need to build amazing websites with comfort.

Version 4.2.0 ( updated 3-14-21 )

- Fixed Mega Image Effect Issue
- Added Assets Manager file within the plugins file
- Fixed Array sign issue
- Updated Team Overlay Card Module CSS
- Fixed Image Icon Module Icon double issue while using other icon plugins
- Fixed sliders arrow different size issue
- Updated team overlay card module features
- Updated Coverflow module name to Next Divi Carousel since it can do almost any design possible
- Added Next Divi Carousel Image Responsive Feature
- Updated Next Blurb Image placement responsive feature
- Updated Image Accordion Module responsive feature
- Added Testimonial module Quote image positioning
- Fixed Next Blurb icon hover color issue
- Added Stepflow module image & icon settings toggle
- Fixed Stepflow module arrow positioning on the backend
- Fixed Image Icon Effect module double icons show when using wp & divi icon plugin
- Fixed Text Highlight Module Translation issue.
- Fixed Next blurb box-shadow selector
- Fixed Next blurb text container having 550px by default so the image was having unwanted space
- Fixed Image Hover Box module frontend gradient color issue
- Fixed Image Accordion module gutter space issue while using the vertical design
- Added Image Accordion Module overlay color settings toggle