Updated on: October 1, 2022

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This Plugin is free for 6 months and above membership users

  • Anyone can buy and download instantly.
  • 6 Months and upper plans can download for free


(For example: You can get banned without refund, if you try to download many irrelevant themes in short time. Because we will decide that you are not here with the good intention and we will ban without warning. And we will not buy “I was testing/learning”, “I have 50 clients and need too much products” …)

Client Login Module nulled allows you to log into the customer area of your users without having to ask for their IDs. So you can help your customers to order or view the problems related to their account.

By logging in to your customer account, you can interact quickly with their last basket underway to assist in the early stages of the ordering process. If one of your customers is faced with a problem on your shop, you can put yourself “in the shoes” of the customer and thus blocking his view.

Your customers then have personalized assistance without having to provide their credentials. They will feel confident and will find it easier to place orders on your shop.