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Products List on this Bundle (Latest versions by the date on Title)

  •   thrive-clever-widgets
  •   thrive-ab-page-testing-2.22.2
  •   thrive-automator-1.15.2
  •   thrive-comments-2.22.2
  •   thrive-quiz-builder-3.22.2
  •   thrive-visual-editor-3.24.2
  •   thrive-leads-3.22.2-1
  •   thrive-ultimatum-3.22.3
  •   thrive-ovation-3.22.2
  •   thrive-headline-optimizer_2.3.1
  •   thrive-apprentice v5.9.2
  •   thrive-optimize v2.22.2
  •   thrive-architect v3.24.3

Plugins are one of WordPress’s greatest strengths… but install too many and they become a big weakness. Why? Because although plugins quickly expand your site’s functionality, Frankenstein-ing several incompatible plugins together can slow your site down, create security issues and even cause your site to break.

That’s why limiting your WordPress tool stack to the fewest possible plugins is always a great strategy when it comes to protecting the health and speed of your website.