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Able pro 8.0 – is fully responsive admin template crafted by Phoenixcoded in Bootstrap4 framework with material look and feel. Hurry up !!!! New Unique Admin Panels added in Able Pro 8.0 version. 30 Reasons to buy Able Pro 8.0 Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

01. HIGH PERFORMANCE – SAID BY OUR CUSTOMERSCarefully crafted with High-performance demand for your next project. Increased performance in every update of Able pro. 02. EASY DEVELOPMENT & DEPLOYMENT

  • Ready-made a feature available in the package
  • Ready to use
  • Flexible solution for entire project development
  • Well structured & commented code for easy project development
04-12-2020 - Release v8.0.5

Angular -v11
 - updated to angular 11
 - upgrade all third-party modules
 - remove ng2-toasty and add new ng-snotify third party module for notification
 - bug-fixed: helpdesk customer list
 - bug-fixed: datatable options like, colrecorder, searcihing, responsive
 - bug-fixed: advance range slider variable

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