*** WooCommerce Product Search ***

2020.08.22 - version 3.1.1
* Substantially improved query processing performance with a revised algorithm, fixed overhead in conjunctive term query.
* Added automatic database update path for minor revisions.
2020.08.24 - version 3.1.0
* WooCommerce 4.4 compatible.
* Replaced use of deprecated function woocommerce_reset_loop() with wc_reset_loop() when available (as of WC 3.3).
* Noting that previously introduced woocommerce_product_search_query_vars and woocommerce_product_search_query_vars_intersect filters are not used and considered removed.
* Fixed potential database version number update miss and resetting internal table reference to force cache refresh.
* Fixed potential execution time issues when index processing is initiated on the same request as the database update.
* Updated settings HTML to avoid the undesired edit prompt when saving changes.
* Guarded update procedure against inconsistent caching systems like W3 Total Cache and WP Engine's object cache which do not recognize changed options properly.

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