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LoftLoader Pro is a small but powerful WordPress page preload plugin for adding unique and fun preload animations to your website. This plugin interface from the Codecanyon store has a huge number of useful options.

 Unlimited colors to suit your brand. Quality and high speed. Built on CSS3. Easy editing and real-time preview. Improved and elegant settings panel.

Feature Preview – Smooth Page Transition (Check Demo)
New Demos
New feature – New loader animation, new ending animation.
New feature – New loader animation, new ending animation, and display progress bar with counting number. And, a Random Message is displayed each time the page is loading .
New feature – Background Image – Repeating Pattern
New feature – Full Background Image

Stay sharp, high quality, and super fast. Built with pure CSS3 animations.
Upload and animate custom images. Loading, rotating, bouncing and rolling. Make every bit of your site enjoyable and memorable.
Beautiful on any devices.

Easy to edit and live preview. With enhanced and elegant setting panel.
Flexible and controllable. Loader animation, progress bar, or counting percentage, choose any one, or mix.

Add more user-friendly effects, and impress your visitors from the first sight.